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Online Gym Personal Training Programs

Professional online exercise programs that increase results for people who already have access to gym equipment.

If you already have access to a gym but aren’t getting great results, are losing motivation or just aren’t sure what to do, our online training services are a perfect solution.

The 3 main reasons people get frustrated & demotivated with independent gym training are;

  1. they don’t have a meaningful training goal
  2. they’re not seeing results
  3. their programs become repetitive & boring

Our Online Training Programs are a flexible & affordable solution to put energy & enthusiasm back in to your workouts. They are ideal for you if;

  1. you already have access to a gym but aren’t getting the results you want
  2. you want a profesional program to follow plus the reassurance of having your technique checked, but either don’t want or can’t afford weekly personal training
  3. you need a program specifically designed to achieve a particular fitness or performance goal


Every day we design training plans for people of all levels & abilities. Our clients’ goals range from improving basic fitness, weight loss & body composition, recovery from injury, & sports performance improvement for athletes from recreational to elite levels. Whatever your goals we can help you achieve them with a personalised program that is perfectly matched to your current health. fitness & lifestyle.

The Benefits of Central Performance Online Gym Training Programs

Our online exercise programs bring you the perfect combination of;

  1. outstanding results through professional program design
  2. more motivation & enjoyment through regular program progression & variation
  3. increased exercise confidence & safety by having your technique reviewed & corrected
  4. affordability – using your own gym facilities to do most of your workouts greatly reduces your cost

Our Online Training Experience Is Very Interactive


Even though you do most of your sessions at your own gym, your coach is still with you every step of the way.  Every session is fully planned out for you &  is supported by unlimited online coaching & support. You can ask questions or give feedback at any time & your trainer will respond as soon as possible with the advice & help you need.

If you are on the 4-week Accelerator Program (see below) the intensity & load of your sessions is consistently adjusted for you based on your feedback from each session. Working this closely with your coach brings maximal results as fast & safely as possible.

Do I Ever Have Sessions with My Trainer At Central Performance?


Yes, although almost all of your sessions are done at your own gym. There are two important reasons why a few of your sessions are done at Central Performance with your trainer;

  1. an initial in-person Strategy Session is vital to establish a solid understanding & relationship between you & your trainer. This makes sure we give you the best program possible.
  2. although we are highly results-driven, we believe that keeping our clients safe & injury-free is still our primary responsibility. Exercise relies heavily on correct technique to be safe as well as effective. For this reason whenever we revise your program (usually each 4 or 8 weeks) we will take you through your new exercises under close supervision & with expert feedback.

Our Online Training Programs Are Personalised & Goal-Driven


To focus on what you really want out of your program you can choose from four training categories;

  1. Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness: Physique training & all-round health improvement
  2. Strength and Conditioning: Periodised programming for athletes 
  3. Movement Skills & Post-Rehabilitation Return: Integrated rehab + fitness programs
  4. Strength & Weightlifting Programs: For the strength athlete & olympic weightlifter. We have highly experienced & knowledgeable coaches in these areas.

We have two online program options: the 4-Week Accelerator Program or the 8-Week Evolution Program. Your coach will discuss which is the best option for you based on your training goals, exercise experience, injury history & current fitness.


  4-Week Accelerator Program 8-Week Evolution Program
Full personalised plan for every workout session Yes, 4 weeks Yes, 8 weeks
One private 45-minute coaching session per program* (at Central Performance gym)
Unlimited Support(phone, email & sms)
Weekly check-ins with your coach
Program Design Advanced Personalised
Ongoing program monitoring & adjustment by your coach  
Cost per plan $160 each 4-week plan $130 each 8-week plan

*All new Online Training Clients receive 2 initial consultations in their first plan including 1 Strategy Session & 1 Training Cycle Overview & technique correction session. Existing clients who have already completed their Strategy Session move straight in to their Training Cycle session.

Ready To Get Started?

Great! It’s easy.

  1. CLICK HERE to complete your online enquiry form. Your coach will contact you within 1 business day to welcome you, answer any questions & arrange your first session.
  2. You can DOWNLOAD YOUR PRE-PROGRAM PAPERWORK now to fill in, or your coach can email it to you once they have been in contact 

Easy Automatic Payments – All our online training programs provide automatic payments from your Visa or Mastercard. You can download a Direct Debit Request Form (DDR) now to fill in, or your coach will include it with your other paperwork they email to you once they’ve been in contact.

Meet our Head of Strength & Conditioning

Danny James 

Danny James is the Head of Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning at Central Performance. He has over 10 years experience as a performance Coach, & enjoys the challenge of helping people reach higher levels of performance in sport & life. His experience includes working with athletes of all levels from youth to professional, predominantly within the realms of Athletics, Rugby Union, Gymnastics, & a variety of Strength & Combat Sports.



• Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
Licensed State Weightlifting Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation, completing level 3 requirements
Accredited Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia
Accredited Sports Commission Coach
Completed EXOS Phase 3 Mentorship
Current Support Performance Staff of Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union

Secondary qualifications include: Certified Functional Movement Screen Exercise Professional Level 2, Y-Balance Certified, Titleist Performance Institute Certified, Certified Conditioning Coach and an FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms), High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the International Youth Conditioning Association (in progress)


"Having online programming with Danny is so useful to keep my training consistent and regular. In addition to my two sessions a week with Danny, I can do two sessions myself, following the program which he uploads online and automatically updates when either of us make any changes. If for some reason I miss a session with Danny, I can make up the session that week by myself because I have all the programming accessible online. We can both see my improvement over time, and Danny can mix up the training or tailor anything specific if need be. The Excel file is easy to use, and easy to print if I want to take a copy to the gym with me. We go over any particular exercises in person, and Danny makes sure I'm comfortable and confident in them before I perform them on my own. Danny also sends through videos if I forget or need a refresher on anything."

Lauren Hetherington

Lauren Hetherington

Neutral Bay

''Thanks for checking in! The program is going really well, and I'm definitely noticing a difference. Aside from really appreciating being able to see my progress so clearly, I'm finding the program (and knowing you'll be checking in) really motivating. Looking forward to catching up in a few weeks to see what's next!''

Laura Beswick

Laura Beswick


'Having trained various training styles, I chose Danny from central performance to focus on strength programming. I have been impressed by the wealth of knowledge and experience in guiding me through. Recommend to anyone interested in taking their training to the next level.'

Jason G

Jason G

Still Unsure if Online training Is Right For You? Email Danny a question or ask for a call-back, or call us on 9280 2322.


What are your goals, & how can we help you?

Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness: Physique training & all-round health improvementStrength and Conditioning: Periodised programming for athletes looking for that performance edgeMovement Skills and Post-Rehabilitation Return: Integrate your rehab + fitness plan for maximum effect with minimum riskStrength and Weightlifting Programs: For the strength athlete & olympic weightlifter. We have highly experienced & knowledgeable coaches in these areas who can work with clients of all levels & abilities



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