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Strength And Conditioning For Runners

Central Performance is home to some of NSW’s best distance runners. Our clients include state champions as well as athletes competing at the national and Olympic level. We love working with runners of all abilities from beginner to elite, and our strength and conditioning programs help runners perform at their best while minimising their risk of injury.

Strength and conditioning exercise is a vital part of any runner’s training program whether they are beginner, recreational or elite level. Strength training has been proven to increase running economy, reduce running injuries, and increase power output in runners of all levels. But strength training is more than just lifting weights. A good program will be multi-faceted and include a combination of modalities including plyometrics, mobility exercises, flexibility work, core training as well as bodyweight and weighted exercises.

We work with runners of all levels, and our strength and conditioning sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual athlete. Each program starts with an initial consultation where we take you through a thorough movement screen to identify your current strengths, weaknesses and asymmetries. Then we carefully consider your running goals, training history, event requirements, race calendar and injury history as we write a program specifically for your individual needs.

What sets the Central Performance strength and conditioning team apart is that our coaches are not only experienced practitioners, they are also experienced runners themselves. Because they have "been there, done that” this means they have an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of the distance runner, from the intense demands of their every day training to the mindset required for peak performance. Our coaches know how to carefully progress your program and balance it with your running training and race schedule, and they understand that running is the priority.

As a bonus our coaches work alongside our team of experienced running physio’s, so any niggles or injuries that pop up can be addressed immediately and your rehabilitation strategy will be included in your strength routine. Close communication between our strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists and running coaches means that all parts of your training program are coordinated to be effective, safe, and focused on maximising your running performance while minimising your risk of injury.