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Our team of experienced physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of:

  1. back & neck pain
  2. sports injuries
  3. postural problems
  4. running injuries
  5. shoulder, knee & hip pain
  6. headaches
  7. arthritis
  8. post-op rehab including shoulder, knee (including ACL reconstruction), hip & spinal surgery

Many of our physio’s have extensive post-graduate experience & advanced training in specific areas including back & neck pain, headaches, running injuries, shoulder management (including athletes as well as posture-related & shoulder surgery), pelvic problems & core strengthening. You always receive the most effective treatment because this depth of skills & experience combines years of learning with the latest research.

At Central Performance we focus on fully diagnosing & treating the cause of your problems, not just treating your symptoms. We want you to walk away from your initial consultation with a full understanding of your injury, the predisposing factors, treatment methods & ongoing management plan. The first priorities in achieving this are:

  1. a thorough assessment
  2. an accurate diagnosis
  3. fast pain relief

Our physiotherapists use hands-on treatment extensively as well as targeted exercise, education & practical advice to help you take control of your injury & progress as fast as possible. Treatments that we commonly use include:

  1. joint mobilisation & manipulation
  2. soft-tissue massage & myofascial release
  3. muscle energy techniques
  4. personalised exercise for mobility, stability & strength
  5. Clinical Pilates
  6. dry needling
  7. taping
  8. ergonomic & postural correction
  9. orthotic prescription
At your first appointment your physiotherapist will:
  1. take a full history of the details of your presenting problems, as well as gathering information on any past injuries
  2. perform a thorough assessment to determine your diagnosis
  3. explain your injury using models & pictures to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the injury
  4. establish your goals to ensure we are focusing on what really matters to you
  5. start your treatment using a mix of hands-on techniques & specific exercise
  6. provide advice as to what you should & shouldn’t do, as well as giving you strategies to use at home to manage your injury
  7. if you need an x-ray, scan or a specialist review, your physio will arrange for this & discuss this with you in detail

To make an appointment please use our online booking system or call us on 9280 2322.

We also work closely with some of the best specialist centres & imaging practices in Sydney. So if we feel that you need further investigation (eg x-rays, MRI or CT) or specialist referral (eg to a sports physician or orthopaedic surgeon) we are able to organise this for you as quickly & conveniently as possible.

Once your pain is settling we identify & correct background causative factors that have contributed to your current injury & increase your risk of future problems. This step marks your progression from the Relieve phase to the Restore phase of our client care pathway.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see our physiotherapists

No doctor’s referral is required for any of our private services at Central Performance. However, if you have already seen your doctor & have a written referral, or if you already have any x-rays or other scan results, please bring these along to your first appointment.

On-the-spot health fund rebates

All of our therapists are fully accredited with all health funds, & for your convenience we provide on-the-spot health fund claims through the HICAPS system. If you are in a private health fund please bring your card along with you.

The only time you will need a referral from your doctor is if you are being treated through Workers’ Compensation, Enhanced Primary Care, Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) or Compulsory Third Party Insurance after a car accident. In these instances please bring your GP referral as well as the insurance details or your DVA card.


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