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Sports Pilates – Physio Pilates Programs For Improved Sports Performance

The Sports Pilates program at Central Performance is probably nothing like any Pilates you have done or heard about before. It is specifically designed to elevate your sports performance and prevent injuries. Be one of the first people to discover the powerful results you can achieve by adding load and speed to an advanced whole-body Pilates workout.

Pilates is most widely known for early stage rehabilitation and recovery from back and neck pain. However, there is a vital role for it in sporting populations. This includes endurance and repetitive sports like running and swimming, as well as multi-directional and explosive sports like all of the football codes, racquet sports (tennis, squash) and court sports like basketball and netball. Importantly, because all of our Sports Pilates instructors are also qualified physios, you get the double benefit of your instructor having extensive knowledge of injury rehab plus advanced training in Pilates exercise prescription for improving sports performance.

It is essential for athletes in sports such as distance running to have a strong core and symmetry in their lower limb stability systems. Our Sports Pilates program achieves this by optimising muscle recruitment and reduces the risk of over-use injuries such as tendinopathies, shin splints and stress fractures. A thorough initial assessment will determine if there is an asymmetry in your single leg control based on functional screenings such as single leg squats, heel raises and hopping tests. If an asymmetry is found then your program is tailored to improve that stability deficit and bring you back to symmetrical control. As your symmetry is restored your performance is also increased through improved biomechanical efficiency and control of athletic movements. Essentially, better movement efficiency can improve your technique and this brings improved performance and less risk of injury.

Pilates For Athletes At All Levels

If you play multi-directional sports needing fast changes of direction and pace such as soccer, football, netball, AFL and hockey, the single leg control and stability gained from our Sports Pilates program brings you substantial benefits. It can give you a strong push off and controlled landing for sprinting, jumping and turning movements. Enhanced single-leg stability also brings huge benefits for kicking. Many professional sporting teams include Pilates as compulsory training for their players. The majority of AFL clubs and well-known English Premier League soccer teams strongly endorse the Pilates exercise method. But Sports Pilates is not just for elite sports people – we have many clients who play recreational sport and who love the benefits of injury prevention and improved speed, strength and performance that our Sports Pilates program provides. Many clients also find that adding Pilates sessions to break up their heavier strength training sessions is very beneficial for their recovery, exercise technique, core stability and injury prevention.

If you would like any more information about how our Sports Pilates program can help drive your performance and reduce your risk of injury please contact Sonja on 9280 2322.Our sports Pilates is integrated with our Clinical Pilates groups, and is available under our Group Fitness memberships. Before joining our Pilates program all clients are taken through our ReForm Clinical Pilates program where you have up to four one-on-one sessions so we can really get to know you, your personal and sporting goals, ensure you have correct technique when using the Pilates equipment and complete a thorough movement assessment. This ensures that we provide you with the most effective program possible.

The Clinical Pilates program at Central Performance is run by Sonja Murphy, an experienced physiotherapist and Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor. Sonja has extensive experience in exercise prescription both in one-on-one and group settings. She uses Pilates principles to help people of all exercise abilities to progress from basic movement control through to functional training requiring high-level strength, stability and flexibility. Her elite-level sporting background means that she really understands the importance of fine-tuning exercise programs for each individual’s goals, body type, injury history and physical fitness. If you have any questions feel free to call Sonja on 9280 2322 or contact us.