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HERo Womens Fitness

HERo is a group training program dedicated specifically to meet the exercise needs of active women and female athletes.

It is aimed at helping you, and other strong women like you, to become the strongest, fastest, fittest, and most resilient version of yourself – and we also make sure you have fun along the way!

You will fit right in to the HERo group if;

  • you are already active and would like to build more fitness, strength, speed and endurance
  • you want your exercise program to help you become more resistant to injury
  • you’re an ATHLETE looking to lift your game performance to exciting new heights

Strong women LIFT… each other up

What you can expect

  • world class performance training that gets results
  • a challenging and supportive environment that inspires teamwork and giving your personal best
  • professional exercise guidance and program design by an experienced strength and conditioning coach
  • a private, welcoming and fully-equipped facility

Why did the HERo women’s group training program begin?

More and more women are turning toward the gym in recent times, seeing the benefits of exercise to get stronger and fitter for their sport and everyday activities. Unfortunately, there are still many women who just don’t know where to begin, or who find the gym weight room environment an unappealing or intimidating place to be. They often find just getting started is the most difficult obstacle, and without the right trainer and environment their initial enthusiasm soon drops off. So, we took up the challenge to do something about this, and the HERo women-only group exercise program was born.

Three key benefits of being a member of the HERo group

  • Sustainable Results
    We use a thorough assessment process, professional exercise program design, and excellent personal coaching to address the specific needs of the female athlete. We ensure that your training is aimed at making purposeful and sustainable progress which includes not only achieving improvements in individual performance goals, but staying healthy and injury free along the way.

  • Environment
    Your environment matters! Research has consistently shown that group training offers positive results far beyond what can be achieved when exercising solo. Training in a private state-of-the-art facility, a friendly space with a welcoming and supporting atmosphere, and alongside other ladies just like you who want to get better is immensely uplifting rewarding. Your expert coaches are part of this team too. We’re a community, everyone is welcome, and everyone wants to see you do well!

  • Confidence
    Confidence that you are training in line with your abilities, your goals, with people who care about you. Training makes YOU more capable. Whether it’s getting stronger, faster, fitter, or more durable there is a unique confidence that comes with knowing you can handle more difficult challenges.

How does the HERo program work?

This is not your typical “HIIT” class or “sweat group”. This is a 12-week plan that links your goals and long-term purpose to your exercise. It is designed to improve performance in key areas so that you will be stronger and better prepared for your sport and everyday life.

All participants are first thoroughly assessed and tested to determine what your current strengths are, and what we can work on to make you even better. Key findings are reviewed throughout your program so that we are sure you are progressing. There is no guess work and no “one-size-fits-all” approach. These are carefully planned programs filled with lifting, running, sprinting, throwing, crawling, jumping, carrying… and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing.

How is the training program structured?

You will train with the group twice per week, and each program runs for 12 weeks. Throughout the program you will cover all the fundamentals of performance training including;

  • flexibility, mobility and dynamic warmup
  • jumping, landing and change of direction technique (vital for ACL protection)
  • speed and power training
  • functional strength training
  • fitness and conditioning
  • recovery and injury reduction strategies

Session Timetables and Program Cost

Our HERo group is part of our Group Fitness Program. Check out our latest timetable for session times.

Training Capability Confidence

Women Vs Men Training Differences

Whilst the overall principles of exercise training are consistent between men and women, there are some differences that need considering. Did you know that;

  • women are up to 9 TIMES greater risk of an ACL injury! (This usually requires ACL knee reconstruction surgery to fix)
  • contrary to popular belief, ‘getting bulky’ is extremely difficult for women to achieve due to lower testosterone levels
  • having typically wider hips (Q angle), greater quadriceps dominance, more lax ligaments, and lower strength levels (due to less muscle), women unfortunately are at a significantly increased risk of knee pain and injury
  • women have approximately 1/2 upper body mass and strength,and 3/4 the lower body mass and strength as males do
  • women have similar RELATIVE strength than men, and are just as capable of getting strong!
  • women typically sustain LESS muscle damage than men, have better recovery and stamina than men, and are typically better suited to more training volume
  • women are better suited to sub-maximal aerobic activity over HIIT