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Running Gait Assessment In Sydney

Our running gait assessment can help you improve two important aspects of your running;

  • 1. Performance improvement – run faster for longer
  • 2. Reduce running injuries – learn to run with a more efficient running style and increased running economy

What Happens During A Running Assessment?

During your session every detail of your running gait is analysed to demonstrate exactly what is holding you back from achieving the results you’re capable of. You’ll gain a better understanding of what correct running technique is and the modifications that need to be made to your technique to minimise your risk of injury and keep you on track to achieve your next personal best performance.

The running gait assessment consists of two parts. Firstly your running technique will be analysed on the treadmill using the latest computer software. Your coach will then sit down with you and take you through the video footage to show you where deficiencies or asymmetries exist in your technique, and how we will help you correct them. During your gait analysis everything from foot position to arm swing is analysed in detail to help you understand where improvements can be made.

Following this you will be taken through a customised movement screen to assess which exercises are required to help you in running correctly. The movement screen allows us to clearly see where there are issues of mobility, stability and strength, and your personalised exercise program is then developed to focus on correcting these problems. Optimising your body’s flexibility, control and strength allows us really polish your running form and make sure your improvements are sustainable to give you ongoing peak performance.

Running Analysis Leads To Effective Running Coaching

The running gait assessment forms the basis of our RunRight program. This is a unique and very effective running coaching and training system for runners of all abilities. You will learn to feel what it’s like to run more naturally with greater efficiency and running economy. This improvement in your running technique means that you will use energy more efficiently, allowing you to run faster for longer while putting less strain on your body’s tissues, which reduces your risk of running injuries.

For more information visit our RunRight Running Coaching page or learn about the Surry Hills Running Centre.