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Strength and Conditioning

Our current athletes compete at every level from national and international through to recreational and masters. We use the latest in proven training methods to drive performance improvements plus build strength and resilience to keep you free from injury. Every session of every program is individually planned and adjusted to bring you the ultimate training experience.

Our athletes begin by learning how to move and train, how to eat and how to recover toandmeet the demands of their sport. We set out a plan to achieve every one of your performance goals while taking in to account the specific demands of your sport, training availability, and any injury considerations. Every session is closely supervised by expert coaches with an emphasis on safety, quality and attention to detail. Our coaches work alongside our physio team so expert help is available straight away if any injury concerns arise.

Each session includes carefully planned instruction in;

  • movement training
  • recovery and injury risk reduction strategies
  • flexibility
  • explosive power
  • speed-strength
  • functional strength
  • game-specific fitness

Periodisation is built into each of our strength and conditioning programs. It is the process of dividing the season or annual training plan into a series of manageable phases including targeted bouts of work and recovery. We closely monitor each athlete to ensure that they stay healthy and reach a peak level of preparedness when it matters most for their chosen sport.

We believe that every athlete, no matter what their sport or level of competition, should have access to the highest standard of training systems, coaches, facilities and environment. Because of this belief we welcome athletes and sportspeople at all levels and of all ages. Our unique assessment and program development system means that every program is perfectly matched to each client’s goals, capabilities and training preferences.

You can begin your strength and conditioning program at any time using flexible options including;

  • off-season, pre-season and in-season programs
  • private one-to-one sessions
  • semi-private sessions (groups of 2-3 per coach)
  • sports performance groups – join one of our existing training groups or team up with friends and create your own

Hugh Campbell, our head coach at Central Performance

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Certified Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach, Masters of Strength & Conditioning

Hugh heads up our corporate fitness programs. He is an expert in corrective exercise prescription and physical performance improvement. He brings the perfect blend of safety, intensity and encouragement to our corporate fitness solutions. All of his programs are based on the latest research into effective fitness programming and tailored to each participant’s needs and physical abilities.

For more information about strength and conditioning programs with Central Performance please contact our head coach Hugh Campbell on
+61 2 9280 2322 or email Hugh Campbell.