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Strength and Conditioning

Our performance team delivers an innovative approach to training & athletic development. We use the latest in proven training methods with integrated & actionable plans for measurable improvements in performance & durability. Our aim is to prepare athletes for the approaching season or competition & beyond.

Our athletes begin by learning how to move & train, how to eat & how to recover to meet the demands of their sport, & life. They are closely supervised through each session by our expert coaches with an emphasis on safety, attention to detail, & working towards developing a stronger athletic foundation while addressing each athlete’s individual needs.

Each session, as part of your unique periodised program, includes instruction in;

  1. movement training
  2. recovery & injury risk reduction strategies
  3. flexibility
  4. explosive power
  5. speed-strength
  6. functional strength
  7. game-specific fitness

Periodisation is the process of dividing the season or annual training plan into a series of manageable phases including targeted bouts of work & recovery. We closely monitor each athlete to ensure that they stay healthy & reach a peak level of preparedness at a pre-designated period.

No matter what sport or level, from recreational to elite, we believe that every athlete should have access to the highest standard of training systems, facilities & environment.

Our flexible Strength & Conditioning options include;

  1. off-season, pre-season & in-season programs
  2. private 1-to-1 sessions
  3. semi-private or small group based (groups of 2-3 per coach)
  4. sports performance groups – join one of our existing groups or team up with friends & create your own


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Team & Club Performance Programs

Delivered Exclusively to Your Team or Club. Contact Us For More Details

Danny James, our head coach at Central Performance,
I have always been fascinated with human movement & exploring my own capabilities through various training & sports activities, & naturally this enthusiasm lead me into the field of Coaching & Personal Training. I enjoy the challenge of educating & helping the people that we work with to reach higher levels of performance in sport & in life.

For more information about strength & conditioning programs with Central Performance please contact our head coach Danny James on 9280 2322 or email email Danny James.

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