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Our Fitness and Sports Performance Training Philosophy

Our mission at Central Performance is to help you achieve each and every one of your goals for health, fitness and sports performance. No matter what your level of exercise experience or expectations of performance, we firmly believe that given the right support, guidance and motivation you always have the potential to perform better. We support you with everything you need to improve your performance, decrease your risk of injury, and stay motivated by regular measurements to track your improvement plus education about the plan ahead.

Each of our personalised programs includes a focus on the four key pillars of peak performance.

Your First Step – The Strategy Session

For all of our clients and athletes the process begins with an initial Strategy Session. This is where your coach really gets to know you and finds out about your goals, likes and dislikes, exercise ability and any injury history. The session is tailored just for you so that we find out all we need to develop the most effective program for you – one that not only gets you results but also keeps you motivated, injury-free and having fun. Your strategy session includes;


Athlete/Client InterviewIdentify needs, wants, behaviours and goals/motivation
Nutrition EvaluationBody composition and nutritional habits assessment
Movement QualityMovement screening and assessment
Strength and Power QualitiesDetermine strength and power capacities
Speed qualitiesAssess linear and multidirectional speed capacities
Energy System QualitiesIdentify aerobic and anaerobic energy system capabilities

Your Program

Your program is carefully planned to match your personal goals, ability, exercise history and any injury concerns. Your coach will talk you through your current priorities and future plan, which will include a constantly evolving mix of the core elements of our training system;

Pillar PreparationIndividualised prep based on movement screening, aimed at improving movement quality. Includes instruction in self-massage, flexibility, mobility and muscle activation exercises.
Movement PreparationIncrease temperature, prime mobility, rehearse intended movement patterns and prepare the central nervous system. Includes muscle activation, dynamic stretching, movement integration and neural activation.
PlyometricsJumping, hopping and bounding exercises to enhance specific speed-strength qualities.
Movement SkillsLinear and multi-directional movement skill acquisition. Training on the mechanics required to be fast.
Medicine Ball DrillsEnhance trunk rotational power, stability and force transfer with various medicine ball drills.
Strength and PowerPower and strength enhancement with a movement based approach prioritising thorough instruction of technique and transferability.
Energy System DevelopmentA movement based approach to developing game-specific endurance.
RegenerationEducation on restoration strategies to maximise recovery.

We’re Experts In Training Around Injuries

Being injured is the worst. It holds you back from doing all the things you love to do, and can make even simple daily tasks much harder. Many people also find it incredibly frustrating to feel all of that strength and fitness you’ve worked so hard to build just fade away because you’re not confident to exercise with your injury.

One of the biggest challenges people face when trying to recover from an injury and resume regular training is knowing exactly what’s ok to do and what’s not. When can you begin to veer off the rehabilitation road and flow onto the training highway? Unfortunately, there is often a big gap between rehabilitation services and normal exercise facilities, so people aren’t given clear guidance on this. So, they just don’t exercise because they’re not confident in what they should be doing.

The answer lies in connecting the various professions that are experts in all stages of your journey. This includes your physiotherapist and your exercise physiologist, trainer or strength and conditioning coach. At Central Performance we deliver this integrated approach with physio’s, exercise physiologists and strength coaches all working shoulder-to-shoulder in one clinic. We all have one goal: to help you succeed.

We have helped some of the most broken individuals get back into exercise and fitness. We also work with some of the highest-level athletes in the country across multiple sports as they recover from injury and resume elite training and competition. We respect every client’s goals and performance aspirations as equal. That’s why every program is built from scratch, carefully tailored to where you are now and where you want to go.

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