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Fitness and Sports Performance Training

Our Fitness & Sports Performance Training Philosophy

Our mission at Central Performance is to help you move better, feel better & by extension, to live better. No matter what your position or goal, you have the potential to perform better.

To do this we focus on the four key pillars that provide the platform for high performance. These four pillars are:

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition
  3. Movement
  4. Recovery


Our goal is to improve performance, decrease the risk of injury, motivate through education & produce results


For all of our clients & athletes the process begins with an initial Strategy Session. This is where we get to know you & find out about your specific goals. During this personalised session we take you through relevant assessments & tests so that we know exactly where you are starting from, & then decide the most appropriate plan for you.

The Strategy Session includes;

Athlete/Client Interview Identify needs, wants, behaviours & goals/motivation
Nutrition Evaluation Body composition & nutritional habits assessment
Movement Quality Movement screening & assessment
Strength & Power Qualities Determine strength & power capacities
Speed qualities Assess linear & multidirectional speed capacities
Energy System Qualities Identify aerobic & anaerobic energy system capabilities


The core elements of our training system include;

Pillar Preparation Individualised prep based on movement screening, aimed at improving movement quality. Includes instruction in self-massage, flexibility, mobility & muscle activation exercises.
Movement Preparation Increase temperature, prime mobility, rehearse intended movement patterns & prepare the central nervous system. Includes muscle activation, dynamic stretching, movement integration & neural activation.
Plyometrics Jumping, hopping & bounding exercises to enhance specific speed-strength qualities.
Movement Skills Linear & multi-directional movement skill acquisition. Training on the mechanics required to be fast.
Medicine Ball Drills Enhance trunk rotational power, stability & force transfer with various medicine ball drills.
Strength & Power Power & strength enhancement with a movement based approach prioritising thorough instruction of technique & transferability.
Energy System Development A movement based approach to developing game-specific endurance.
Regeneration Education on restoration strategies to maximise recovery.



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“Danny is my first Personal Trainer, and I thought long and hard before training with him. Having been a regular gym user for 2 years before hand I came to a point where I needed guidance to how I could train more efficiently and work with injuries I had. We’ve been training together for a year now, and it was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. In the past year I have learnt so much about how to activate the right muscle groups when lifting, how to improve my mobility and functionality in my legs. If I hadn’t trained with Danny over the last year I would still be in pain while doing simple tasks and be quite limited in my gym routines.”


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