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Healthy Habits Coaching Group

Many of us often think about “getting into shape again” or “losing that few extra kilos around our middles”. That’s great, but unfortunately those plans often don’t work out. One major reason for this is that many people just don’t know where to start, or don’t have the right plan in place to begin with. So when they don’t make the kind of progress they expected they quickly give up. Relying on willpower & motivation alone won’t work either because these are limited resources.

Losing those unwanted kilos in a way that is safe & sustainable does not involve resorting to fad diets or extreme exercise regimes. It simply comes down to understanding what is needed to get you to your goals. It involves getting the right guidance to put the right habits into place & consistently applying those habits over time. Part of the problem however is that we simply have way too much information at hand, with much of it conflicting.

We become confused & unsure of just what part of that information we can actually apply to our own situation. This is why we created the Healthy Habits Coaching Group (HHCG). The HHCG gives you all the knowledge, guidance & support you need to reach your ultimate healthy weight goal. It is not an 8-week blitz program because we know that creating lasting change takes time. It does not fit you into a generic program either, because we know that everyone’s goals, physiology, habits & lifestyle are different. It tailors an approach that is ideal for YOU, taking into account YOUR individual needs & roadblocks.

We want to empower you to be able to take your health & fitness into your own hands. We want to give you the resources & guidance necessary to be able to put the right habits into action & finally start making the changes you’ve been wanting. The HHCG covers everything you need in the essential areas of knowledge, exercise & nutrition. You have personal support every step of the way from your coaches, & why not join with a friend to give each other that extra lift when you need it.

The HHCG is based on solid research findings & includes:

  1. one free initial Strategy Session to clearly set your goals
  2. a thorough assessment of your movement, nutrition habits & lifestyle to find out just where you are & how to take you to where you want to be
  3. expert personalised training & nutritional coaching, including a mobile app to help track your daily progress
  4. you can choose a program of either 2 or 3 exercise sessions per week
  5. a coach & mentor to assist you every step of the way
  6. results tracking to keep you motivated & fine-tune your program
  7. education throughout the entire process, including access to special seminars & our Facebook group so that we can keep in touch

Partner up with a colleague, a friend or loved one & share the journey. We are only able to offer a limited number of new places at any one time so call us now on 9280 2322 or send us a message to book your strategy session & get started.