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If you’re an elite athlete or recreational runner the Central Performance Running Centre has all of the programs & facilities you need to take your running to the next level. If you’re a beginner we’ll get you started safely & enjoying your running right from your first step.

The 3 key benefits of our running services are:

  1. reduced risk of injury through optimal technique & correct programming
  2. improved performance through individualised training programs
  3. being able to run with runners of similar ability level to help push you to the next level & provide motivation when the going gets tough

We work with runners of all ability levels to improve their running technique & elevate their performance. Our great range of services will help you train & recover like an elite athlete, no matter what your level of fitness. Our services include:

RunRight Running Coaching

The unique ‘RunRight’ program at Central Performance is designed to help you run faster with less effort. You’ll get to ‘feel’ how to run correctly & we guarantee to make changes in your technique after only 1 session. You’ll feel lighter, more in control & running faster than you have before. RunRight is great for runners of all abilities. Click for more information.


1. Before & After RunRight
2. Before & After RunRight
3. Before & After RunRight

Click to see more before-&-after RunRight videos.

Run Club

Our run club meets at 12-1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday plus 7.30-8.30am Tuesday mornings. The club includes people of all ability levels & gives you great support by running with a very friendly & supportive group of people. All of our Run Club members receive specialist coaching & individualised training programs. We target races like the City2Surf, Sydney half & full marathon & the Blackmore’s running festival. Our members regularly run PB’s & are often amazed at how much their times improve with professional coaching & group training. Click for more information.

Running Biomechanical Assessments

A detailed video assessment of your running technique combined with a functional movement screen (FMS) to assess weaknesses & asymmetries in your body. We then take you through a program of specific running drills & corrective exercises to achieve a more efficient running style, boost your performance & reduce your risk of injury. Click for more information.

Running Injury Management

If you do get injured you want to have your injury treated by an expert who fully understands the demands of running from the recreational to the elite level. Ben Liddy, our Running Centre Manager, is an elite runner himself as well as a physiotherapist with the Australian junior & youth athletics teams. He is an expert at getting you back on the road as fast & safely as possible, & making sure you fully recover so you can continue running with minimal risk of future problems. Click for more information.

Ben Liddy, Head of Running Performance,
Ben is in charge of the Central Performance Running Centre. He is also the physiotherapist for the Australian Junior Track & Field team and the coach of the current Open NSW 800m champion Mason Cohen. He has a strong background in track & field having been an elite 800m runner himself, & he is also a Certified Level 3 Athletics Australia Middle & Long distance Running Coach. With over 20 years involvement in competitive athletics as well as a decade of experience as a runner’s physiotherapist Ben has all of the skills, knowledge & experience you need to get you running at your absolute best. His clients include runners of all abilities & experience from national title medal-winners to first-time fun-runners.
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