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Personal Training

Our Personal Training programs give you one-on-one attention from an experienced coach to help you achieve what matters most to you. Your coach will help you set your goals & then support & encourage you each step of the way as you achieve them. From exercise beginners to elite athletes, every day we help people discover they can do more than they ever imagined they could.

The top three reasons people sign up to personal training are to lose weight, feel better about themselves & their current health, & to get into better all-round physical shape for a healthier future. We can help you set motivating & rewarding goals in any area you choose & then work with you to succeed in gaining the results you want. Many of our clients have goals including;

• Reducing body fat to improve body shape & composition
• Building muscle to increase power & strength
• Increasing stamina, flexibility & energy
• Increasing sports performance (also see our Strength & Conditioning page)

Supporting You Beyond Your WorkoutsThe Four Pillars of Peak Physical Performance

Your coach will support you in many more ways than just guiding you during your workouts. We believe that the key to your success is to support & coach you in all of the four pillars of peak performance.

Flexible Program Options to Suit You

Whether your goal is fat loss or fitness, aesthetic or athletic, or simply to move better & have more energy to play with your kids, we have a solution for you.

• Private one-on-one sessions – giving you maximum flexibility & personalised attention in your program.
• Semi-private in groups of 2-3 per coach – workout with your partner or friends for a social, motivating & cost-effective option
• Adult performance groups– train with a group of other dynamic & motivated individuals in a condensed version of our athletic development programs.

Getting Started

If you are a new client our Introduction To Training package is designed for you. Simply complete the form below to get started.

Your journey begins with a Strategy Session to clarify your goals & motivations, & to identify any existing health or movement limitations. We plan & adjust the exercise type & intensity for each of your following sessions based on your strategy session results as well as your feedback from each workout. This initial design then constant adjustment means that every session is perfectly tailored for you.


Which Includes 1 Strategy Session and 2 Training Sessions for $82


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