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Running Gait Assessment In Sydney

Correct Running Technique Lets You Run Faster For Longer With Less Chance Of Injury

Running is more popular than ever before. It’s convenient, easy to start, you don’t need much equipment, and it’s basically free! But it does have it’s risk of injury, especially because it is so repetitive, so it’s important to do everything as correctly as possible to minimise your risk.

What Is Correct Running Technique?

There is no single “correct” way to run. Everyone will have their own style, just like everyone has an individual style of tennis serve, swimming or throwing. But there are definitely some key markers or components of good running form that are important to have. These may be important for improving your performance or reducing your risk of running injuries, or both.

Often getting these key components are important in achieving an efficient running style so that you don’t waste energy on unnecessary movement and put too much stress through your body’s tissues. Basically, they help you transfer as much of your effort as possible into moving forwards, rather than wasting it on twisting, vertical movement (“bouncy” runners), or hitting the ground incorrectly and putting a braking force up through your leg (over-striding).

Having The Right Running Form Will Help You In Two Important Ways

1. Correct running technique will help you run faster for longer, because your movements are more efficient so you don’t waste energy.

2. Optimising your running technique will reduce your chance of injury.

Keen To Learn How To Run Faster And Love Your Running More Than Ever Before?

Then come and have a running assessment with Ben Liddy, certified running coach and physio at Central Performance. Ben is an expert physio who is trusted by runners from recreational through to elite level, including national and international runners. He has also travelled internationally with Australian Athletics teams as the team physio.

As well as being a renowned runner’s physio Ben loves coaching athletes of all ages and abilities. He is one of the few Level 4 International Athletics Federation Certified coaches in Australia, is Head of Running Performance at Central Performance, and coaches our elite track squad through to state and national level competition. On top of that Ben has a solid history as an elite runner himself, so he knows what it’s like to work hard as a runner, balancing training load with optimal recovery strategies, and the importance of optimising your program and technique to avoid the frustration of being injured.

Running Coaching For Everyone, Not Just The Elite!

We love making world-class running coaching available to everyone, no matter what your ability or age. So whether you’re new to running and keen to make sure you get started in the right way, or an experienced runner wanting to drive your PBs harder, Ben can help.

From one-on-one coaching to our great Runfit group exercise classes, we have the right option to help you reach your running goals.

Plus – Online Running Coaching Coming Soon!