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Do You RunRight?

RunRight is the unique running coaching program available at Central Physio & Performance Fitness in Surry Hills, Sydney

How Can I Run Right?

When learning to swim we need to be taught how to do it correctly. A lot of time is spent learning the correct technique so that we can be efficient in the water. However, how many people have actually been taught to run correctly?

Most people just assume that running is something that comes naturally to us! When we look at people run we’ll notice everyone moves slightly differently. Some people look like they are fighting against themselves whereas others look like they are doing it effortlessly. For a lucky few, running comes naturally but for many it doesn’t and these people can often spend hours training for an event only to end up injured or performing well below their expectations because of poor technique.

The Central Performance RunRight program is a unique running assessment & coaching system. It allows you to run faster for longer  by making your running style more biomechanically efficient.

The ‘RunRight’ program was created to give people of all running abilities the opportunity to learn how to run correctly. It is a 6-session package over 10 weeks that focuses on coaching you to develop a more efficient running style.

The initial session consists of a biomechanical analysis of your running technique using the latest video software. This provides a detailed assessment of your running form to see where asymmetries or weaknesses exist.

Following the biomechanical analysis you will be taken through a movement screen to assess what exercises are required to assist you in running correctly. Some people may have mobility issues that need correcting while others may have weaknesses that need addressing or a combination of both. The movement screen allows us to accurately identify this and relate it back to your running technique.

The 6 session coaching package is an individualised program which addresses your main priority areas identified in the biomechanical analysis and movement screen. You will be coached on how to improve each of these focus areas through a challenging series of drills and corrective exercises. In each session you will spend time running on the treadmill focusing on particular cue points as well time off the treadmill working on mobility, strength or technical exercises.

The sessions are fast paced and fun. You will leave feeling like you’ve had a hard workout – think of it like personal training on a treadmill! You will also gain a much better understanding of what feels like to run correctly.

At the end of the 6 sessions we will video you on the treadmill again. We’ll put this video side-by-side with your initial video so that you can really see how much you’ve improved! See the video above  for an example.

The sessions are ideal for anyone training for running events 5km and up. Each session is tailored to perfectly match your ability & fitness so the program will help you no matter what your current level of running.  If you’re keen to learn how to run properly, enjoy your running more, improve your technique and reduce your risk of injury then contact us or call us on +61 2 9280 2322 and book your assessment.

Ben Liddy, APA physiotherapist, Central Performance Running Centre Manager at Central Physio & Performance Fitness

Ben Liddy
Head of Running Performance

Athletics Australia Certified Running Coach
Running Physiotherapist
Director, Central Performance

Ben has been working with us at Central Performance for over 10 years. He is a certified Level 3 Middle and Long Distance Running Coach, working with anyone from fun-run level runners to elite middle distance athletes. He has been an elite level runner himself and is also currently the physiotherapist for the Australian Junior Track & Field team. He is the coach of the current Open NSW 800m mens champion & manages both our elite & recreational running groups. With over 20 years involvement in competitive athletics as well as a decade of experience as a runner’s physiotherapist Ben has all of the skills, knowledge & experience you need to get you running at your absolute best.

Email Ben for more info on our RunRight program or any of our other running services at Central Performance.