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Group Fitness – Foundation Membership Offer

Get UNLIMITED Classes For Just $69/week

Group Fitness Training - Surry Hills

You’ll Love Group Training at Central Performance if;

1. You want to workout in a friendly, professional and closely-supervised environment where every coach knows who you are, what goals you’re wanting to achieve, and is there to make sure your sessions are safe as well as effective

2. You value the confidence of knowing you will be carefully supervised by experienced coaches who are all fully accredited exercise physiologists or physiotherapists. This is especially important if you are getting back to training after a break due to injury or lifestyle changes, or are new to training.

3. You need flexible class times to suit your lifestyle, a great variety of class types to keep you motivated, and the convenience of online bookings for all sessions

We Keep Our Groups Small And Personal

Our maximum group size is 6 people, and only 4 for Clinical Pilates. This close supervision makes sure that your form is always spot-on and that your workout intensity is perfectly matched to your capability. We really make sure our coaches get to know you personally, what your goals are for exercise, and how your body responds in sessions. Keeping groups nice and small also helps you get to know other clients for a more supportive and social training experience.

How Is A Foundation Membership Different To A Regular Membership?

Your Foundation Membership gives you access to unlimited classes each week, for the price of a regular 3 classes/week membership.

New To Our Group Fitness Classes? Your First Two Sessions Are 1-on-1

We want you to love your sessions and get the absolute most out of them, and we also want you to be safe while you workout. So if you are new to our group fitness program, your first 2 sessions are 1:1 with a coach. This is so that we can get to know you, talk about what you’re looking to achieve, and what are your likes and dislikes. We will also check your exercise ability and any medical things we need to know about. Your first session focuses on assessment, and in your second session your coach will work 1:1 with you to polish up your exercise form so you’re fully confident going in to your group classes.

Keen to include Clinical Pilates In Your Program?

If you are planning to include Clinical Pilates classes in your program, and have not done Pilates with us before, you will need to complete our ReForm induction program for before starting your group sessions. This is because the unique nature of Pilates equipment and style of exercise needs a little extra training before jumping in to group classes. See our Clinical Pilates page for more details. Please note that the Reform program is not included in your membership. You may begin right away with other classes, however the Reform program needs to be completed before attending Pilates. If you have already done lots of Pilates elsewhere we may be able to condense the Reform program – please contact us to check.

What Types of Classes Are Available?

From HIIT to Pilates, Runfit to Performance Boost, plus our womens-only HERo group – you have access to a great range of challenging classes to suit every taste and fitness level.

Once we receive your form our friendly reception team will contact you to complete your registration and book in your assessment session.


How Do Membership Payments and Class Bookings Work?

We use Mindbody – the industry-leading app for managing your membership and class bookings. Everything is at your fingertips via your smartphone or computer. Once you become a member you can use your smartphone to check the timetable and book in to classes whenever you want. Your membership fee is automatically paid fortnightly – no need for you to do anything except come and enjoy your sessions!

What If I Can’t Make A Class That I Booked In For?

If you are booked in for a class and then can’t come, we need a minimum of 12 hours notice. This is because we cap each class with a small number of clients – 6 for each class except Clinical Pilates which is capped at 4 clients. Giving notice allows others to book in to your spot. If you give less than 12 hours notice, or fail to show up for a class, then that session is counted on your weekly class allocation. As a Foundation Member you have access to unlimited classes per week so there is no real penalty, except that you can cause others to miss out.

Are There Lock-in Contracts?

No. We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. You can cancel your membership with 2 weeks notice – no questions asked, but we’d hate to see you go!

Can I Suspend My Membership If I’m Away?

Yes! If you’re away on leave or unable to come for any reason simply contact us to suspend your membership. The minimum suspension period is 2 weeks, and you can suspend your membership for up to 8 weeks total per year. We do need at least 2 weeks notice if you need to suspend your membership.

Is My Foundation Membership Indefinite?

After one year you will be asked to convert your foundation membership into either an unlimited or 3 classes/week membership, at regular membership prices. We will let you know close to the time when you will be asked to choose.

Thank You For Choosing Central Performance

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