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Supervised training beats self-directed exercise

Research shows that supervised training beats self-directed exercise

Strength-training-womenWorking with a qualified trainer using a supervised structured program has been proven to give you better results than exercising by yourself. You will get bigger improvements in all areas of your fitness including;

  • improved lean body mass (reduced fat & increased muscle)
  • increased upper & lower body strength (chest press, vertical jump)
  • increased cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max)


Come & train with Danny James, our Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer

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How is a Strength & Conditioning Coach different to a Personal Trainer?

Strength-training-womenA personal trainer predominantly works with the general public to improve their health & fitness. This may be to look & feel great, or simply to have more energy to play with the kids. A Strength & Conditioning Coach works predominantly with athletes & focuses on improving athletic performance with a strategic periodised program designed specifically for their chosen sport. Because Danny has both of these qualifications he can work with you whatever your goals & abilities.

Lean More About Training With Us

Danny has recently joined the Central Performance team as our Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Strength-training-womenHis training philosophy is simple: to help people become just a little better than they were yesterday. He has conditioned elite athletes to excel at the highest level of competition, as well as helped new gym-goers to set clear goals & have the confidence to push themselves to achieve them.

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Who needs a trainer or a coach?

Well, think about it. Even elite teams like The Wallabies or world-beating athletes like Novac Djokovic have a coach. Why? Because we all need an outside expert’s view to see how to get the results we really want. We all benefit from having a great coach who motivates & encourages us as well as bringing the technical expertise to know how to program our training for success. And this is backed up by research which shows that supervised, periodised exercise training yields far better outcomes than self-directed training (see Storer et al. 2014). This is true for social athletes as well as elite competitors, & applies just as strongly for anyone wanting to improve their overall health & fitness through training.

A Strength & Conditioning or Fitness Coach is essentially a specialist in getting you stronger & better conditioned. Some of the benefits using a Strength & Conditioning coach include:

1. The provision of clear goals & direction
2. Increased accountability to keep you on-track
3. Individualised program design for the best results
4. Support, variety & motivation to keep you working hard
5. Progress tracking so your results keep you motivated
6. Enhanced work, play & sports performance
7. Better health & by default, improved appearance
8. More time – let your coach worry about your training specifications
9. Fun, fun, fun!

This last point is really important because to keep with your program you have to enjoy it as well. Whether you come & train with me just to feel healthy & look great, or to push your sports performance to a higher level, I want your training sessions to be a highlight of your week. So come and say hello, or if you have any questions or enquiries at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I love what I do and I’m only too happy to help.


If you have any questions please email me or call on +61 2 9280 2322.

I love what I do & I’m only too happy to help!

Danny James

Strength-training-womenCertified Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Licensed Sports Power Coach

Having both personal trainer & strength & conditioning qualifications allows me to effectively work with people & teams of all ability levels. Whether your goal is health improvement, lifting your sports performance or building that killer body, my knowledge & experience means I can design a program perfectly matched to your goals.

My qualifications include;

  • Certified Personal Trainer registered with Fitness Australia
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Licensed State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Accredited Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia
  • Certified Functional Movement Screen Exercise Professional Level 2
  • Accredited Australian Sports Commission Coach
  • Member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association

I believe that a good coach employs an integrated model using the best current knowledge from all areas of exercise prescription to help clients achieve their goals. I always keep my client’s best interests at heart because they have shown a great deal of trust in my abilities when they place their health & wellbeing in my care.

The three main principles that I adhere to when training all of my clients are;

1. There are to be no injuries during training
2. Keep every athlete/client healthy & reduce the likelihood of any future injury
3. Improve performance

I have learned that it is vital to surround yourself with other coaches & health care professionals that value & reflect nothing short of excellence, & it is for this reason that I am excited to now be a part of the team at Central Performance. My role is to help clients put strength & resiliency on top of the solid foundations developed by the rest of our wonderful clinical team. Where it is desired I am also well versed in finding the best approach to making you look pretty darn good too!

Aside from 1:1 coaching we also provide small-group training programs as well as Performance Programs. These small-group dynamics bring a positive team-based atmosphere that increases the fun factor as well as maximises results.