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Surry Hills Run Club

If you’re striving to improve your personal best times, enjoy your running more and take the guess work out of your training then our run club is for you. You’ll have access to individualised training programs, a supportive group environment and direct feedback on how you’re performing in sessions.

We ensure everybody receives the training that is best suited to them. Each member receives their own training program with specific goal times to achieve for each session. This ensures you are working at the correct intensities and maximising the benefit from every session.

Training within a group environment increases motivation and enjoyment and leads to better training and racing results. Although members of the group receive individualised training we ensure it is set within a group framework so people can run with others of similar ability. Having others to run with allows you to push yourself harder and share the workload of harder training sessions.

Receiving direct feedback from your coach within each session allows you to make adjustments in your intensity or technique to reduce your risk of injury and complete each training session with the desired outcome. A common mistake people make when training by themselves is pushing too hard for their current fitness level which leads to increasing fatigue, poor results and an increased risk of injury. Having a coach there to monitor your every rep will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Our run club meets at 12-1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday plus 7.30-8.30am Tuesday mornings. The club includes people of all ability levels & gives you great support by running with a very friendly & supportive group of people. We target races like the City2Surf, Sydney half & full marathon & the Blackmore’s running festival. Our members regularly run PB’s & are often amazed at how much their times improve with professional coaching & group training.

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