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The Quickstart Program – personalised exercise sessions using Pilates principles and functional strengthening to build your solid foundation.

Our QuickStart program consists of your initial assessment followed by three 1-on-1 sessions. During your QuickStart initial assessment your physiotherapist will:

  1. Take a full history of your current problem as well as details of any past injuries
  2. If you have been seeing one of our physiotherapists already your Quickstart physio/instructor will have received a comprehensive handover from your treating physio
  3. Establish your goals to ensure we are focusing on your main priorities
  4. Thoroughly assess your movement patterns, balance & core stability
  5. Guide you through your initial program & re-assess your movements at the end of the session to make sure you get the improvements we expect
  6. Fully explain your exercise program & expected improvements
  7. Provide home exercises whenever appropriate
  8. If you have been seeing one of our physiotherapists, they will get a detailed summary of the assessment findings.

The Quickstart program takes you beyond normal Pilates exercise to also include functional strengthening, resistance equipment & other exercise systems to maximise your enjoyment as well as your results from the sessions. Your physio instructor will help you become familiar with Pilates and other equipment, learn the fundamentals of perfect technique & become confident with your program. Some clients prefer to continue with 1-on-1 sessions while others prefer to move into group-based Pilates sessions to continue their program.

The QuickStart Program at Central Performance is run by Ruben Caetano, an experienced physiotherapist & Level 3 Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor. Ruben has extensive experience in exercise prescription both in one-on-one & group settings. His personalised programs use Pilates principles combined with other functional strengthening to help people of all abilities progress from fundamental movement control through to training requiring high-level strength, stability & flexibility. His high-level sporting background means that he really understands the importance of fine-tuning exercise programs to each client’s goals, body type, injury history & physical fitness. If you have any questions feel free to call Ruben on 9280 2322 or contact us.

Clinical Pilates exercise classes

Do I need to have seen a physiotherapist before beginning my Quickstart exercise program Pilates?

No. You can commence QuickStart at any time whether you have previously seen a physiotherapist or not. No internal or external referral is needed. If you are unsure whether you need physiotherapy or the QuickStart Program, feel free to call Ruben on 9280 2322 to discuss your situation.

Can I claim for Quickstart exercise sessions using my health fund?

Yes. Your initial assessment, QuickStart sessions & 1-on-1 sessions can all be claimed on-the-spot through your health fund through the HICAPS system. You will need to bring your health fund card along with you.

To make an appointment please use our online booking or call us on 9280 2322.

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