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Women’s Strength and Conditioning UPDATES

The wonderful ladies of our NEW Women’s Strength and Conditioning Group have all seen some tremendous progress so far.

To celebrate their efforts, and spread the message of what is possible with consistent, measured and purposeful training, we’re going to begin posting regular progress updates so that you can all follow their journey, and perhaps find some motivation to bolster your own training efforts.

So far:

At the conclusion of strength testing in June after the first training cycle, we saw Goblet Squat bests go from 8kg to 35kg, and Trapbar Deadlifts numbers go from 62kg to  92kg.

The ladies are currently in the middle of a Maximal Strength Phase and will soon go through testing, however we’ve already seen some big improvements far and away what we’ve been expecting and we’re excited to share these results with you.

Stay tuned…

If you’re interested to join our Women’s Strength and Conditioning Group  please call us at the clinic on +61 2 9280 2322 or contact Sophie by email: sophie@centralperformance.com.au

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