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Three Diet Tips To Beat The 3pm Slump

Read this is you are sick of relying on coffee & sugar to get you through the afternoon.

How often do you find yourself feeling fatigued & craving a pick-me-up snack by mid-afternoon at work? You can feel it coming on – the heavy eyelids, you stare at the screen but keep losing your train of thought, you re-read the same paragraph 3 times but can’t quite seem to remember the point. Well, before you reach for the muffin & coffee, Kelsey our accredited dietitian has some tips to help you get your energy levels up again.

1. Make sure you eat a proper breakfast

Starting the day with a breakfast that includes low GI carbohydrates, protein & healthy fats is ideal to help keep your blood sugar levels stable & improve satiety across the day. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are less likely to reach for sugary snacks later in the day & consumed overall fewer calories than those who skip breakfast. Eggs on wholegrain toast, or plain yoghurt with a high fibre cereal are some great options.

2. Try a balanced lunch

Eating a balanced lunch definitely helps to prevent the 3pm slump. Low GI carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potato or wholegrain breads will provide a slow release of energy to keep you going for the next few hours. These options are a great source of fibre too, so will keep you full for longer as your body takes longer to digest! Pair this with some chicken, meat or fish, plus some salad or vegetables, & you have a satisfying, balanced lunch. Try a chicken & salad multigrain sandwich, or reheat a brown rice stir fry.

3. Prepare some healthy snacks

Being prepared with some healthy snacks when 3pm rolls around is really helpful to keep you going for the next 2-3 hours of work, especially if you find yourself buying sweet, sugary snacks all too often. Try out some of these snacks that are great sources of protein & healthy fats. They keep energy levels stable & beat those 3pm cravings. Keeping these options in the office kitchen is also a great excuse to get away from the desk for 5 minutes.
   • Plain yoghurt with berries & a small handful of almonds
   • Boiled eggs
   • Veggie sticks with hommus
   • Multigrain crackers with cheese

Healthy Work SnacksNo time to prepare snacks for work? Keeping a packet of trail mix, roasted chickpeas or protein balls in your desk drawer can be a handy option to make sure you have some nutritious food on hand when the cravings hit! 


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Kelsey Hutton Joins Central Performance

Kelsey is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons) from the University of Newcastle. Her work motivation comes from helping clients develop healthy eating habits that have a positive long-term health impact, whilst finding enjoyment from food without the need for strict diets.Kelsey has a huge interest in sports nutrition & is currently the assistant dietitian at the NSW Waratahs. She delivers individual consultations, group education sessions, cooking classes & skinfold assessments. She loves helping individuals reach their sporting goals through optimising their nutritional intake & recovery protocols.

As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kelsey can help you with:

   • Weight loss

   • Diabetes & pre-diabetes management

   • Nutrition for sports performance and recovery

   • Cardiovascular disease, blood pressure & cholesterol management

   • Women’s health

   • Food allergies & intolerances

   • Paediatric nutrition

Kelsey is fully registered with all health funds & medicare.