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Should you be using a foam roller for recovery & performance?

At Central Performance we use foam rolling with our clients & athletes every day. Often our new clients say they’ve seen foam rollers at their gym before but have never really known what they were for or how to use them. This is a shame because rolling is an important & effective part of exercise preparation & recovery, & once you learn how to do it it’s really quick & simple! And you can tell it works because basically every high-level athlete from almost every sport uses rolling in one form or another.

Foam rollers are a great tool for rehabilitation because they can help you self-release tight tissues on a daily basis. Tissues may be tight due to injury or from loading with regular training, & they can also get tight just due to lifestyle factors, e.g. working at a desk predisposes you to get tight hip flexors because your hips are flexed all day.

Foam rollers also have a big role to play in preparing your body for exercise sessions & recovery from training. This helps boost your exercise ability & sports performance, & is one of the main reasons elite athlete use rolling as an essential part of their training program. Better training sessions & faster recovery mean improved sports performance!

For more information feel free to email us at info@centralperformance.com.au , or follow the link below for a great article from Mike Reinold outlining the benefits of foam rolling on recovery from training & enhancing performance.