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Reduce your injury risk with the Y-Balance test

Y-Balance TestAt Central Performance we use a variety of movement screens & assessments to identify potential injury mechanisms for our clients. We believe that showing clients how they can prevent injuries from happening in the first place is a much better approach than simply treating them once they are injured . One of the assessments we use is the Y-Balance Test, which is part of the system of movement assessment created by Gray Cook & the team at Functional Movement Systems (FMS).

The Y-Balance test is an evidence-bY-Balance logoased, quantifiable method of testing for asymmetry in both the upper & lower limbs. It requires a mixture of mobility & stability in order to execute the necessary movements, & it’s use has been thoroughly researched in both athletic & non-athletic populations. It highlights problem areas & lets you easily see your improvement as you progress through your
rehab program.

By assessing the level of asymmetry we can clearly identify when a client is at an increased risk of injury. For example, a difference of greater than 4cm in the anterior, or forward, reach in the Lower Quarter Y-Balance Test is an indicator of significantly increased injury risk (up to 3 times the risk of injury). We then use this information to then create a structured & dynamic exercise training program to correct the mobility & strength imbalances to & reduce your risk of injury.

Upper Limb Y Balance


CLICK HERE for a great example of how to use the Y-Balance Lower Quarter test given by Sports Physiotherapist & Functional Movement Systems (FMS) presenter Greg Dea:



Greg Dea will be presenting his Mobility and Stability for Performance Workshop at Central Performance in Surry Hills, Sydney, on Saturday the 20th of August. The course is aimed at physio’s, exercise physiologists, strength coaches & personal trainers. If you are interested you can Find Out More & Register Here.