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Med ball drills for sports power development

Medicine balls are great for increasing your power in rotational sports.

They allow you to increase your power in functional & sport-specific movement patterns such as rotation which is used in sports such as golf, throwing and tennis. At Central Performance we include medicine ball drills in the programs for many of our personal training & sports performance clients.

Medicine balls are also a perfect fit for end-stage shoulder rehabilitation programs, especially for clients returning to sports such s cricket, tennis or baseball. Their role in increasing power development is important for many adult fitness programs because research shows that power production is one of the first movement qualities that adults start to lose with age.

Follow the link below for a great video & recent post about how we use medicine ball drills in the clinic here at Central Performance;

Med Ball drill at Central Performance

You can also follow the link below for a great article on why medicine ball exercises should be integrated into your rehabilitation or fitness program. Or call us at the clinic on +61 2 9280 2322 for more info on training programs including med ball drills.

Med Ball Drills for Explosive Power