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Choosing the right running shoes – free professional fitting session plus 10% off Adidas until May 31st.

Selecting the right running shoe is critical for 2 reasons: it will help you run faster, and it will reduce your injury risk.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete everyone loves the feeling of performing at their best & staying free from injury. This month we give you some great tips on choosing the right running shoe, & because we think it’s so important we’re giving you a free professional shoe fitting session.

With the abundance of new shoe technology coming onto the market it’s hard to know what type of shoe you should be buying. To make the right choice you need to consider the following two factors: your foot type, & what type of running you will be doing.

Foot type: do you have a flat foot, a high arch or a neutral foot?

Generally, people with a flat foot need more support on the inside of the shoe to prevent the foot from collapsing or overpronating.Foot OverpronationToo much pronation puts increased stress on the inside of the leg & is often the cause of shin & Achilles pain associated with running.

People with a high arch don’t pronate enough & need shoes with more cushioning. This is because pronation helps the foot to absorb shock during running, so if you don’t have enough you need well-cushioned shoes to help you absorb some of the impact. Having enough shock absorption is important to prevent running injuries caused by high-impact loading such as stress fractures of the feet.

If you have a neutral foot you will feel best running in shoes which are symmetrical, i.e. the inside of the heel looks like the outside of the heel. Putting people with a neutral foot type into really supportive shoes with a lot of extra support on the inside prevents their foot from functioning normally & increases their risk of injury.


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What type of running will I be doing?

The other factor you need to consider when choosing your shoes is the type of running you are doing. Running shoes are generally categorised as trainers, performance trainers or racing flats. Generally you will do the majority of your training in a normal training shoe. These shoes will last longer because they have stronger materials but this comes at a cost because they are also heavier than performance trainers or racing flats.

Performance trainers are generally better for you if you still want some of the benefits of a stable training shoe but want something a little lighter so you can use it for races or faster training sessions. These shoes have a smaller heel drop which lets you to strike more naturally on your mid & forefoot when running.

Racing flats are designed for racing & fast interval sessions. The materials used in the shoe are very lightweight which allows optimal performance in training & races, but the materials aren’t as strong so they won’t last as long.

Ultimately, your shoe needs to feel good on your foot. You should always try a short run in the shoes before buying them so you’re confident it feels right for you. A shoe that feels fine when you’re standing in a shop can feel very different when you’re out on the road. Being able to have a short run on a treadmill when you’re buying your shoes is an important part of the process to make sure you get the right ones for you.


We are pleased to announce that Central Physio & Performance Fitness is now an Adidas Performance Running Centre. To celebrate we invite you to come in for a FREE running shoe fitting session & you will also get 10% off the latest Adidas running shoes.

Your free running shoe fitting session includes;

  • professional treadmill running analysis performed by Ben Liddy, current nationally ranked runner & physio to the Australian Junior Athletics team
  • dynamic foot motion analysis through our electronic Gaitscan system
  • education on the right shoe for your foot type & your running goals
Email us or call us on +61 2 9280 2322 for info & bookings.
How often should I change my running shoes?

Running shoes generally last approximately 500km before they need to be replaced. This is usually not because of tread wear as people often think, but because the cushioning material starts to lose it’s structure. As the cushioning material loses structure it’s rebound & support properties reduce, so your foot receives less cushioning & support & this increases your risk of injury.

Recent advances in shoe technology & materials are now dramatically increasing the life of quality running shoes. Adidas’ new Boost material maintains it’s structure for up to 5000km whilst delivering 85% energy return. This means that you spend a lot less money replacing shoes plus your running performance & safety are maintained.