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Runfit – Group Fitness For Runners

Run Faster and Get Stronger with RunFit!

The evidence is clear: combining strength training with running training leads to greater performance benefits than running alone. And Runfit is the ideal way to combine a running workout with run-specific strength training. Plus its fun, social, and closely supervised by an elite Athletics Australia run coach!

Runfit is a brand new class that is included in our Group Fitness memberships. As well as giving you a great workout it can help you run faster, stronger and prevent injury. It includes fast-paced treadmill intervals combined with running-specific strength exercises.

Professionally Designed Running Sessions

You’ll have your running and strength workouts designed by Ben Liddy, an Accredited Level 4 Athletics Australia coach plus a highly experienced running physio. Sessions start with a dynamic warm-up where you’ll be guided through a series of running-specific technical drills to help improve your running form. And with a maximum of 6 people per class you get expert supervision from a coach who really gets to know you.

Runfit - Running Fitness class, Surry Hills, Sydney

After your warm-up you’ll be taken through some demanding interval sessions on the treadmill. Although Runfit is a fast-paced class, a major benefit of small group sizes is that your workout is closely adjusted for your personal fitness level and running ability.

‘Recovery’ during the intervals takes on a new dimension, with running-specific strength exercises added to the program to keep your heart rate high. This unique fitness element really drives strength into the big running muscles like your quads, hamstrings, calfs and glutes.

Runfit is great for people looking to add intensity into their running programs. It will help boost your running speed, and the high-intensity workout will push your fitness to new levels. Plus having a different group-based session or two in your week can really keep you motivated and loving your running.

All Of Our Coaches Are Masters-Qualified Physio’s Or Exercise Physiologists

Many of our clients tell us that a big reason they love Central Performance is the quality of our coaches, as well as the friendly and personal atmosphere. We are all fully accredited exercise physiologists or physiotherapists with Masters qualifications. This makes sure your workouts are safe as well as effective. Plus having the Runfit program designed by Ben, a highly accredited Athletics Australia running coach, means that you benefit from sessions which integrate the latest knowledge of performance improvement with strength training principles.

Brand New Gym Space & Treadmills

All of our Runfit classes take place in our newly expanded exercise space on our brand new treadmills! We have all the equipment you need for a fantastic workout, all carefully supervised by our professional and friendly coaches.

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