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Pilates In Surry Hills

Pilates is very popular among physiotherapy practices as a form of rehabilitation that brings benefits in the areas of control, co-ordination, and strength. However, it does not have to be a rehabilitation tool alone. Pilates is able to be progressed and made much more challenging so that it can be used as another form of ongoing exercise, way past when the “rehabilitation” phase has finished.

With the increase in Pilates studios and Pilates classes both within and outside physiotherapy clinics, it makes it harder to know which one is the right class for you. Here are a few things we do here at Central Performance which we think are important when making your discussion about starting Pilates.

1. Client-Centred Care & Personalised Programs

Pilates in Surry Hills

Whether you are dealing with a current injury or just trying to start a new form of exercise, your first Pilates session involves undergoing a thorough initial assessment. This assessment includes taking a comprehensive history and discussing what your goals and expectations are. This is followed by an in-depth physical examination that includes a whole-body movement screen as well as further investigation into any injuries or areas of concern.

The reason this assessment is so important is that at Central Performance every client’s Pilates program is different and tailored to their specific needs and goals. Even if you decide to join our small-group classes after your one-on-one sessions, you will still be doing your own tailored program which is different to others in your class. We believe this is a key benefit of doing a thorough initial assessment, keeping our classes really small (max 4 people) so that each participant can be closely supervised while doing their own personalised program, and having all of our classes led by a qualified physiotherapist or accredited exercise physiologist.

Having a personalised program is especially important if you are recovering from a recent injury or episode of pain, eg low back pain. Often at this stage the goals of your program will be very different to someone who is wanting to start Pilates simply for all-round fitness. So, just going to a generic Pilates class where everybody does the same program may not be the best option for you. Our client-centred care and small group sizes mean that we can ensure you are doing the right program with the right technique and at the right intensity, every session.

2. Physio Led Pilates In Surry Hills

Our Pilates program is coordinated by Ruben Caetano, an experienced masters-level physiotherapist with a an in-depth understanding of human movement. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of regulations around the use of Pilates in Australia so the standard of care among practitioners can vary considerably. We strongly believe that Pilates run by an appropriately trained and qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist guarantees a high standard of care and understanding. Central Performance is unique in providing physio-led Pilates in Surry Hills

3. Group Classes And One-On-One Sessions

If you are new to Pilates then we highly recommend you start with four one-on-one (or private) sessions, one of which is your initial assessment. This will allow you to get used to the equipment, ensure that your technique is correct, and allow us to adjust your program to make sure it is perfectly tailored for you. From there the choice is yours. You can continue with one-on-one sessions or move to our small group classes.

Our classes have a maximum of four in the group. This allows closer supervision and ensures that your exercise technique is always being monitored and adjusted. Pilates is often done poorly in a big group environment as it is hard to monitor your technique and much harder to individualise programs to your experience and/or ability. This is especially important if you are new to Pilates, or if you are still recovering from a recent injury.

Is Pilates Right For You?

We are always happy to chat with clients, and potential clients, to help them decide on the next steps in their health and fitness journey. So if you’ve ever wondered things like “Is Pilates right for me?“, “Is Pilates good to help me recover from an injury?”, “When is the best time to start Pilates after back pain?” or “Can Pilates help improve my strength and fitness?” then feel free to contact us or give us a call on 9280 2322.

Central Performance is located in Surry Hills, Sydney, and is easy to get to by bus, train (Central Station) or light rail. We provide early (before work), lunchtime and late (after work) Pilates classes at times to suit you. One-on-one sessions can be booked in at any time that our instructors have available.

For more information please see our pages on Private Pilates Sessions or Small Group Pilates Classes, or contact us with any questions that you may have.