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Physio In Surry Hills – The Benefits Of Treatment With Central Performance

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Physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for back and neck pain, sports injuries, arthritis, sprains, strains and postural problems. But why should you choose one physio over another? There are lots of physio’s in Sydney, so is there much difference amongst different physiotherapy clinics? Well, we think there is, and this post is about the treatment philosophy we use at Central Performance, and why we think it brings our clients the best results they can get anywhere.

Our Physio Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy has five primary foundations that guide our service that we provide for our clients.

1. We Are Client-Centred

This means that everything we do is guided by the personal goals of our clients. Our physio’s are equally experienced and confident working with recreational exercisers right through to elite performers (for example our Elite Run Squad has several current and past state and national champions, and we look after them with physio treatment for their running injuries as well as elite running coaching). We guide sedentary desk-workers to become more active to resolve their back and neck pain or headaches, and we also work with manual workers whose physical jobs require elevated levels of strength and conditioning to stay resilient as they work. We love working with adolescents to keep them active and pain-free as they grow, whilst we help other clients build strength and resilience to keep them healthy and active as they age.

As you an imagine, the range of clients that we work with means that our physio’s need to take an individual approach to each and every treatment session. To us, every client’s goals are unique, equally valid and important, and everyone has personal reasons and priorities for seeking treatment. This means we keep you, our client, at the centre of everything we do.

2. We Use An Exercise-Based Approach To Physiotherapy Treatment

For almost all types of injury, the latest research strongly indicates that using exercise as the foundation of treatment is by far the most effective way to recover from injury or pain. It can help relieve your initial pain, restore your range of movement, and – most importantly – it is usually the most effective way to stop your injury or pain from returning in the future.

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Of course we still use hands-on (manual) treatment, and other treatments such as dry needling, when they are appropriate. This is usually in the early stages of treatment to bring fast pain relief and to restore your range of movement. However, we love getting our clients up and moving as soon as possible, re-activating their muscles and regaining their strength and confidence as fast as we can. And research strongly backs this approach, so we guide our clients through early exercise integration as we relieve their pain.

As well as the physical benefits of integrating exercise early into our physio treatment programs, we believe it also has huge psychological benefits. It allows our clients to take an active role in their recovery, empowering them to speed up their recovery by working hard on their program between sessions and regaining their strength, movement and endurance as quickly as possible. It helps build confidence in getting moving and active again, whether that’s just being able to do daily tasks without worrying about getting sore again, getting back to work pain-free, returning to the gym, or getting back on the sports field and being sure that you’re fully strong and capable of taking the forces that come with physical activity.

Of course as you recover, your exercise programs needs to progress as well. That’s why we have a full onsite gym that allows us to take our clients past basic “rehab” exercise and onto full strength and conditioning programs. Every client’s exercise needs and goals are unique, so every exercise program we deliver is also unique. Our athlete’s programs take them to advanced stages of strength and endurance training, plus sport-specific movement skills and technique drills are included in their training sessions.

However, other clients may prefer (and get more benefit from) Pilates programs, or a more gradual approach to restoring stability, flexibility, strength and control. For example a client with chronic back pain may be very hesitant about returning to lifting or carrying weights because they are concerned they may aggravate their pain. So, we guide them through a step-by-step process that gradually builds both their strength and their confidence as they increase their capacity to move well, lift confidently and regain functional strength in their body.

We are also able to provide exercise programs for goals such as weight loss, cardiovascular (heart/lung) fitness, and mental health. These goals can have an impact on pain or injury in many body areas, for example being overweight has been shown to be a significant risk factor for osteoarthritis (OA) pain in the hip and knee, so prescribing the right exercise program to lose weight can be an important part of an overall treatment program.

Physio exercise in Surry Hills

Our physio team works closely with our team of accredited exercise physiologists, so clients are able to progress onto professionally-prescribed tailored exercise programs to meet their particular needs and goals. All programs are individualised and based on your current injury, previous injury history, exercise background, current fitness level, sporting aspirations and personal preferences. Often there are many ways to achieve the same goals so personal preferences can be easily taken into account. For example movement retraining and strengthening for back and neck pain can be achieved equally effectively by functional strengthening (using a mix of free weights, body weight exercise, resistance bands and machine-based exercise), or Clinical Pilates using the Reformer, Wunda Chair and mat exercises. Our team of experienced physio’s and exercise physiologists have all of the training and expertise needed to work with clients with a wide variety of goals, preferences, backgrounds and fitness levels.

3. We Focus On Educating Our Clients To Help Them Really Understand Their Bodies, Their Injury And Their Treatment Program

We believe that one of our most important roles as physiotherapists is to educate our clients to help them fully understand their body, their injury, why it happened and how to prevent or minimise the risk of future problems. We also ensure that they really understand their treatment program, their current priorities, what’s next, and their steps to getting back to full function and sporting activities.

Having a thorough understanding of their injury helps our clients plan their recovery timeframes, set goals for return to sport and other activities (although we keep you doing as much as we possibly can while you recover – we try our best NOT to ask you to have time out of your sport or exercise!).

Our role as educators for our clients also removes or reduces the stress and anxiety that can result from an injury. Removing uncertainty regarding how bad the injury is, how long before it gets better, is any imaging (x-ray or MRI) or specialist referral needed, what exactly has to be done to get the injury right, and how to prevent it from happening again, is one of the most significant ways that we help our clients. As they say, the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. We remove this “fear of the unknown” and guide you steadily through a step-by-step treatment plan with confidence so that you feel in control every step of the way.

4. We Use Evidence Based Treatment, Founded On The Latest Physiotherapy Research

Physiotherapy is a rapidly evolving field, with huge amounts of research constantly being done around the world into every aspect of injury treatment and prevention. Our team of physio’s are constantly updating our knowledge to keep at the cutting edge of physiotherapy treatment, to ensure that our clients get the latest and most effective treatment possible.

To make sure we deliver the best physiotherapy treatment available anywhere we;

– have weekly group professional development sessions with our entire clinical team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to discuss and present the latest treatment recommendations and protocols

– weekly one-on-one meetings between all staff and our clinic principals and/or senior clinical mentors

– generous funding for all of our physio’s and exercise physiologists to attend external professional development courses and conferences

– our team-based approach means that our clinicians are always discussing cases and treatment options with each other, as well as with our exercise physiology team, to share any knowledge or experience that may be helpful in helping a client reach their goals (also see below)

5. We Work As A Team Of Physiotherapists And Accredited Exercise Physiologists To Bring Maximum Benefits To Our Clients

We believe that working together as a co-ordinated team of experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologists is the most effective way to help our clients. We make sure that every one of our clients sees the right person at the right time, every step of the way. This may be wholly within our physiotherapy team, or it may include transitioning to our Clinical Pilates, exercise physiology, personal training or group fitness programs.

Our clients regularly tell us that they love being able to access all of the services they need at one convenient location. From acute pain relief through to high-level strength and conditioning sessions in our fully-equipped onsite gym, or mixing in Pilates classes with our unlimited group fitness memberships, Central Performance is unique throughout Sydney in being able to offer this level of expertise, convenience, services and facilities.

And of course our clinical team is hugely supported by our wonderful admin and reception team. At Central Performance we treat our clients like family, like we would want to be treated if we were a client, and our friendly reception team are the first people to welcome you as you begin your journey with us. We see them as being a vital part of supporting our clients, whether it’s finding convenient session times or making sure they’re out the door in time for work, our reception team are here to help you.

Contact Central Performance for Free Advice And Information

We are always happy to chat with clients, and potential clients, to help them decide on the next steps in their health and fitness journey. We are located in Surry Hills, Sydney, but even if you aren’t able to come to the clinic we can still help. We provide telehealth services to clients who are not in the Sydney or Surry Hills area, and these can be surprisingly effective for some conditions. Please contact us for more information.

Even if you live in Sydney but would just like to speak to a physio to see if we are the best people for you to see, just give us a call on 9280 2322 or click below to contact us online.