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Online Physio And Exercise Physiology Now Available

Online physiotherapy and exercise physiology consults in Surry Hills, Sydney

Get Relief And Continue Your Rehab All Without Leaving Your Home

Many people are working from home during COVID-19, and with lockdown measures expected to increase many of our clients are finding it hard to make it in to the clinic for regular treatment. Tele-health is the answer.

Central Performance Is STILL OPEN Because We Are Allied Health

Firstly, we’d like to confirm that Central Performance is STILL OPEN because we are Allied Health. So despite closures of other shops and services (including gyms), allied health clinics such as ours are to remain open. We are of course taking extensive extra precautions to ensure your safety by fully implementing social distancing measures and increased cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene measures. 

However, even though we are still fully open for business, we appreciate that many clients are unable to come in to the clinic for normal sessions. Tele-health is an effective alternative that we are now able to provide. Also, if the Government regulations change and allied health clinics are also forced to close, we will move to a fully tele-health service delivery, where all consultations will be provided online via tele-health.

What Is Tele-Health?

Tele-Health is where health consultations are done online using video link. You can  now easily access both our physiotherapy and exercise physiology services online.

Tele-health has been gradually becoming more widely used over recent years, usually for people living more remotely or with limited mobility. However the recent changes due to COVID-19 have really fast-tracked it’s development and it is now accepted as an effective way to deliver healthcare sessions when face-to-face sessions are not possible.

How Can Physio & Exercise Physiology Consults be Done Remotely?

This is an obvious question that many people ask! Of course it’s different to the type of consultation that you’re used to, & obviously there are some things that can’t be done online, but you’d be surprised at how much treatment & improvement we can get you without putting our hands on you.

Tele-health consults are available to both new & existing clients, & are appropriate for acute injuries (eg a sore neck or back from working at a laptop) as well as chronic or recurrent problems. If you are unsure whether a tele-health consult is right for your particular problem please give us a call on 9280 2322 & we are happy to give you more information.

Key Elements Of A Physiotherapy Tele-Health Consult


Often some of the biggest things that people worry about when they have an injury or are in pain are; What is it? Is it serious? Will it get better or do I need treatment? Do I need a scan? All of these important questions can be answered effectively  in a tele-health consult. We take a full history exactly as a normal session, then use the video to assess your movement exactly as in a normal session. We then talk you through how to do specific tests to assess structures such as joints, ligaments and tendons.


Once we have your diagnosis we then explain your condition exactly as we do in the clinic. You will then have a full understanding of what is wrong, what your treatment plan is, & expected time frames for recovery.


Treatment includes specifically targeted movements & exercises to relieve your pain, increase your movement, release tight muscles, restore joint mobility & re-activate or strengthen muscles. You will also be consistently re-assessed during the session to ensure you are improving with the prescribed treatment.

Home Program

Your home program is prescribed exactly the same as for a regular consult in the clinic. We use video to check your form to make sure it’s perfect, plus you get your program sent to you either via email or by using the Medbridge app, so you know exactly what to do at home.

All Your Questions Answered

Of course we’re here to answer all of your questions during the session, plus you have unlimited access to your physio for questions via email, or on the phone if needed.

Key Elements Of An Exercise Physiology Tele-Health Consult

Many elements of an exercise physiology consult are the same as for physiotherapy. You are taken through a full history, your goals for treatment are clarified, and your movement is comprehensively assessed using video.

Your personalised exercise program is prescribed based on the results of your assessment, then you are coached to achieve perfect form for your home program. Your program is delivered online to keep you on track, & you can ask for feedback whenever needed. Of course we discuss what (if any) exercise equipment you have at home, & ensure your program only uses what you have available. 

All of your questions are answered & you have full access to your exercise physiologist via email, or by phone if required. At each session your program is reviewed & progressed to maximise your progress.

Can I Claim Rebates For Tele-Health Consults?

LATEST NEWS: Private health funds are making physio tele-health claimable starting Tuesday 14th April!

Health funds have announced that starting 14th April you will be able to claim rebates for physiotherapy tele-health consults. Please check with your fund to confirm your eligibility and rebate amount.

NDIS is now covering tele-health. Please call us for bookings.

Medicare (EPC/Care Plan patients) is not currently covering tele-health for physio or exercise physiology. However, they are rapidly expanding the range of tele-health services covered, and this may include our services very soon, so please call to check if this has changed.

How Much Is A Tele-Health Consult?

Initial Consult (New Clients)      $97
Standard Consult                      $67

The cost is the same for physiotherapy & exercise physiology sessions.
You can pay for your sessions via a 100% secure click-to-pay link, or over the phone.

How Do I Set Up A Tele-Health Consult?

It’s easy. Book your appointment online or on the phone, then it’s just 3 simple steps;

1. We’ll send you a link to to login to your session using the Zoom video-conferencing app. It takes just a minutes to create your free profile, download the app to your computer or tablet (you can use it on your phone, but a bigger screen is better), and then at your appointment time you just join the meeting. You will also be sent a 100% secure click-to-pay link for your appointment, or you can pay over the phone.

2. You have your appointment, which lasts from 30 minutes for standard consults or 45 minutes for initial sessions.

3. After your session your home program will sent to you online either using the Medbridge home exercise app or via email. Plus you get unlimited access to your therapist via email, or on the phone if required.

Like To Discuss Using Tele-Health Before You Book?

No problems! Give us a call on 9280 2322 or contact us online.

Ready To Book A Tele-Health Consult Now?

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