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New Program – Strength Training For Marathon Runners

Strength training for marathon runners, Sydney Marathon, online and in-person programs.

As the Australian marathon season heads to its business end, with the Gold Coast Marathon coming up and the Sydney Marathon only a few months away, there is no better time to make sure all of parts of your training program are in place to ensure you make it to the start line ready to go. Research shows that strength training for marathon runners is a critical part of an effective program, both for maximising your performance and for minimising your risk of injury. But getting on the right program for you is important, so a personalised program is essential.

The first goal of marathon preparation is to maximise running volume and minimise injury risk. Some studies suggest that as many as 90% of runners will experience an injury when training for a marathon, which is way TOO HIGH. And research shows that strength training is one of the most effective ways to reduce your injury risk.

Strength Training For The Sydney Marathon

The Sydney Marathon offers a unique course that is known for its elevation. With 365 meters of elevation gain and 405m of loss spread over the 42.195km, the strength in your legs becomes a very important factor to ensure you run a successful race. Not only will you need to be running hills in your preparation, but you also need to build up the strength in your legs to make your journey to the finish line.

Strength Training For Other Marathons

Maybe you’re not planning on doing Sydney but have other target races in mind. Or perhaps you want to get rid of those niggling injuries that have been interrupting your training before you set your next race goal. Or maybe you’ve heard that strength training is a must if you really want to improve your running, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do. Whatever your situation, its time to start working on your strength, and we can help.

Personalised Strength Training Programs For Marathon Runners

If you’re looking to use strength training to improve your running and reduce your injury risk, you want to work with an experienced coach who fully understands the demands of distance running. Our team at the Central Performance Running Centre have a proven track record in providing running-specific strength training programs for runners of all abilities. We work with runners competing at international, national, state and recreational levels. We know how to integrate your strength sessions with your running training to make sure your program is safe as well as effective.

Why Choose Central Performance For Your Running Strength Training?

We focus on developing strong, efficient, resilient runners. Our team of exercise physiologists are highly regarded experts in working with runners to improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury. Our programs are designed by runners for runners.

We deliver consistent results using a proven process of capacity assessment, session programming and exercise progression that has produced results at the highest levels of competition. Importantly, we believe that the benefits of professional-quality strength training should be available to recreational runners as well, so we love working with all runners wherever they are on their running journey.

Every runner’s program is individually planned, adapted and progressed as they improve. Our coaches are experts in helping you achieve perfect form with every exercise, even if you have limited strength training experience. Plus your sessions are structured to be engaging, fun and challenging, so you stay motivated and consistent with your training.

We know everyone is busy, so we have flexible training options to suit your lifestyle. You can train in-person in our fully equipped gym, or our online programs let you train anywhere in your own gym. Plus you can train 1:1 with your coach, or train with up to 2 friends in a small-group session.

We believe that every runner has their own goals, motivations, aspirations and running history. These things all have a big influence on designing the right strength program for you, which is why there is no generic “best strength program for runners”. So in the first part of your assessment we sit down and talk to you about your history, goals, preferences, and previous experience with strength training (if any). This helps us ensure your program is safe, effective and fits in with your lifestyle and running program.

To design the most effective strength program for you we need to to know what your current capacity is. We find this out by guiding you through a thorough movement analysis to understand how your body currently moves, plus we assess key aspects of your strength and power that influence your running. We use cutting-edge ForceDecks Force Plate analysis and video capture to gain insight into aspects of your power and strength that cannot be achieved in other ways. This allows us to develop a program for you that is highly targeted to improve the most important areas, delivering maximum results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that fully engaging you in the process is the key to success, so an important part of your first session is discussing your results and highlighting your strength training priorities. We help you understand how your current limitations are holding back your performance or contributing to injuries, and how your program will target these areas to help you run faster for longer with less chance of injury.

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We give you access to elite-level assessment technology using the VALD ForceDecks dual force plate system. This system, often only available to elite athletes, allows comprehensive testing of your power and plyometric ability by gathering information not seen by the naked eye. They are able to measure force production, power output, specific movement analysis, limb symmetry and strength.

We combine the information from your ForceDecks testing with other results from your assessment to develop a comprehensive picture of your absolute strength, functional capacity, endurance, limb symmetry, power output and range of motion. These results then allow us to deliver a personalised, targeted, effective and safe strength program to support your running by improving performance and reducing your risk of injury.

Improving Your Athletic Performance With Strength training

All of the strength and conditioning programs offered at Central Performance are individualised, targeted at your running goals, and based on your comprehensive testing results. They will improve key aspects of your mobility, power and strength to optimise your athletic performance and minimise your risk of injury.

Once we have the results from your assessment your program is formulated to suit your goals, needs and your schedule. We ensure that your strength program is structured to support your running training, allowing running to remain your priority. This is where working with a coach who has lots of experience working with runners is crucial, so that your strength sessions don’t affect your runs and your overall weekly loading volume is safe and effective.

Strength Training For Marathon Runners With Central Performance

If you’re ready to take your marathon training to the next level we are here to help. Our strength training programs are personalised, effective and integrate seamlessly with your running training. Plus our range of options mean they will fit easily into your lifestyle.

The answer to this question is very simple: NOW. Your strength program is designed to support your running and allow you to progress through your program more effectively and stay free from injury. So the earlier you start, the better. If you don’t have a target race locked in yet then now is great time to start building up your base strength, and then when you decide on your next race we can adjust your program so that you are in peak form for race day.

If you’re a marathon runner and want to add the benefits of strength training into your program then Central Performance have the experience and proven track record that you need. We regularly help clients achieve their marathon goals, whether that’s just to complete their first big race or run a PB. Our personalised programs help you get rid of niggles, train consistently and improve your running economy, giving you the best preparation possible for race-day.

If you’re planning to do the Sydney Marathon on September 15th this year, now is the perfect time to work on your strength training. The time before the race will allow you to build a solid foundation and target the key leg muscles needed for a marathon with as much elevation as Sydney. And if you’re not doing Sydney then we can help you plan, prepare and build into peak form for whatever running ambitions or target race you choose.

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