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Our Health & Fitness Philosophy

Our philosophy centres on four core principles

  • Personalised Client Goals

    everything we do is focused on helping each of our clients reach & exceed their goals. Everyone has their own goals & everyone’s goals are equally important. From elite performance to simply having a healthier lifestyle we listen to what’s important to you & then show you the path to achieving it.

  • Client understanding & engagement are essential for success

    working with you to recover from an injury or to maximise your sports performance we believe that a full understanding of your program helps you achieve your goals. The more you know about your body & how it responds to injury, movement & training, the more involved & active you will be with your program & therefore much more likely to succeed.

  • Bring a team of experts together in a single facility

    we always want you to see the best person for you at every stage of your program. We also believe the best person for you to see will change as you progress from pain through to recovery then to performance training & beyond. This is why bring we you a team of experts in each area & then streamline their communication & integration so that you progress seamlessly through each stage of your program.

  • Provide the best facilities

    to ensure you get the best results we give you & our team all of the facilities required to deliver your ideal program. From acute injury management right through to our fully equipped functional strength & conditioning gym we have everything you need.

Our client care & training pathway is founded on our Relieve, Restore, Elevate model, which is unique to Central Performance.


your pain

Get fast relief & start
moving again

  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Massage Therapy


your foundation

Transform the way
your body moves

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Massage Therapy


your performance

Exceed your goals for
health & performance

  • Personal Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Performance Groups
  • Studio & Sports Pilates
  • Sports Massage

In the Relieve phase we give you a fast & accurate diagnosis then use the latest treatment techniques to relieve your pain as quickly as possible.

Once your pain is settling you progress to your Restore phase. This is when we reduce your risk of further pain & injury. We use cutting-edge video analysis & movement screens like the FMS to identify & then fix background factors that can increase your risk of future problems. You’ll build a strong foundation as you progress from hands-on treatment to exercise-based programs like Clinical Pilates & Exercise Physiology.

When you reach your Elevate phase you have access to some of the best trainers & coaches available. We love taking people not just to where they thought they wanted to go, but showing them how much more they can achieve with the right coaching & support. You can choose from personal training, strength & conditioning, sports performance groups & Sports Pilates. And to help you recover our in-house sports massage is second to none.

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